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Why list your business with My Wedding Diary

Putting aside our fabulous site, warm and friendly staff and our obvious flair for wit there are a few other things we deem you’ll to find very interesting if not just plain exciting about “My Wedding Diary” and the opportunities it offers.

If you have listed or are listing with other wedding directory sites, listing with us will not impact you negatively at all. In fact it can only increase your market visibility. The more places you are seen, to more often you are seen. BUT!

There are other, better reasons to list with us rather than with any other, run of the mill, directory site.

We have tried to keep it short and sweet when telling you why listing with us, is not only good value for money but a good investment into quality online marketing.

For this reason we urge you to compare apples with apples when you go through our service & product offering listed here, when, scandalous as it may be, you compare us to other vaguely similar websites in the cyber world.

Benefits for listing your business‘ products and services with My Wedding Diary:

Good websites, sites which are formulated and managed specifically for optimal search engine optimization (SEO) are very costly and labour intensive as you may very well know. The online battle for market share (regardless of the level of speciality your services/ products present) is a continuous developing war zone. This requires you to either employee an online specialist or steel away time from doing profit generating business, to do it yourself.

  1. You get a full “homepage “type webpage inside the highly optimized and externally marketed“My Wedding Diary “website.
    • Your page will be professionally designed to increase user friendliness built on the specific format of the My Wedding Diary website structure.
    • Have a business introduction section used to entice your market through product/service reviews and client/consumer references.
    • Your page will have Facebook and Twitter links via universally recognised icons to direct traffic to your already existing social media platforms. This will increase the quality of gains derived from existing and/or future marketing campaigns.
    • Have a quick email link via universally recognised icon which will enable a browsing client to contact your sales department directly for assistance.
    • Have a static picture frame reserved for your business’ logo.
    • Have a gallery section to display your proudest moments or products images.
    • Have a section to advertise special offerings and provide downloadable discount vouchers.
    • Have a section to display product / service rates and charges.
    • Have a section which displays a constant and real-time statistic of the number of hits YOUR listed business has received within the search facility of the My Wedding Diary directory.
    • This statistical information is helpful in improving on the display type and method for your business within the medium and target market.
    • It will also assist your internal marketing endeavours with updated market trend data for a ever changing market.
    • Your page will be concluded with a full address and contact information section for ease of reference.
    • Your page will also include an easy to read  google map for directions to your business premises.
  2. As a website means nothing without quality traffic directed to it, it naturally calls for (expensive) through the line advertising undertakings. This is not only to build a healthy listing community but also to create loyal followers and quality word of mouth advertising within a highly competitive market.
  3. The “My Wedding Diary” website is already structured and financially funded for extensive Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a costly endeavour but it forms part of our promise to you that we will do everything possible to create and secure quality exposure for your business, a type of service you will come to expect and treasure in us.
  4. The site is development and owned by a professional web developer which makes product & service listing updates quick and efficient. This shortest possible turnaround time for the updating of your internal webpage means that you will never miss out on potential clientele through outdated information.
  5. The site is managed by a professional SEO specialist who consistently applies new strategies to combat online competition.
  6. The website will be marketed through innovative and engaging mediums at wedding expo’s, formal and informal industry gatherings and various other social events which are frequented by brides and other related consumer groups.
  7. The site will be marketed extensively online through relative industry website exposure and
  8. Infiltration of relative consumer groups throughout the cyber universe.
  9. The website will be marketed aggressively by implementing the latest international social media marketing strategies through a social media specialist. Tapping into the social media communication platform to unlock potential international clientele.
  10. Your business offering will be listed categorically, per provider type, provider type subsection, per province, per town. This structure allows quick navigation through a very wide variety of products and services throughout the country.

It is equally important to us that you, as a listing company, derive optimal exposure and value for money while at the same time insuring the browser an enjoyable yet productive experience when navigating through “The Wedding Diary”, which is clearly a benchmark for the next generation of successful directory websites.

For more information about how to get your company on the fast track to online marketing success with “My Wedding Diary “contact: Karlien Kilbride on tel no: 082 5644 753 or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If you have any suggestions on how we can serve you better and/or improve on our website navigation, please feel free to send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   We always love hearing from you!